Saturday, June 25, 2011


Do you have two PC's, or a PC and Laptop standing on your desk? Then you probably have two keyboards and two mice, this can be very annoying if you have a small desk. But there is a solution called Synergy. With Synergy you can control two or more computers(Windows, Mac and Linux) with just one mouse and one keyboard. The setup is very simple, although I did need to make an exception in my firewall because it was blocking the program.
Oh, and the best part is that it's opensource and free!

You can download the program here:
You could always check YouTube if you need help with the setup, there are plenty of tutorials.

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If I ever have the money to get a new computer, I'll have to look into this... Thanks for the info!

can you control across operating systems?

very interesting D: especially if it is cross platform

thanks for sharing this information with us!
hope you can switch on OS.

Damn, that's pretty sweet.

This software as been awesome for about 6 years now. Cross platform with only one keyboard and mouse. FYI on a corporate network it is really a chatty program, but for you home no one gives a shit.

good post. will follow ur blog. thanks!

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