Monday, June 13, 2011

Mobile compatible

This blog is now mobile compatible, now you can have this blog in your pocket all the time.

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Good stuff. I'll have to check it out on my phone.

i keep meaning to getting round to doing the same for my blog. how did you do yours? followed

way to go, I like that Google enabled this stuff in the templates. I have used blogger for about 6 years now and just noticed the mobile template last week.

@dudethatsannoying Experience and some coding, I got it from this website: edited some code and done!

Great news, and a great blog as well, followed. :D

Very cool! I just did this to mine too

Nice.. looks great!

Awesome i'll be checking this on my phone too! This blog design is cool by the way!

Nice, I need to do this with mine

that is quite epic my freind, who should explain how to do that sometime. anyway, sweet blog. I'll be following.

have to root my android device first^^

I like your design! But you should add buttons for the Shares like twitter etc. like on my blog for example. Try for the buttons ;)

I should really do the same!

Awesome, will try it with my blog

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