Monday, June 13, 2011

LG Optimus 2x Speed Root

I just got an Optimus 2x and it's awesome, but I like to root/hack stuff to make it even faster. My Optimus is now overclocked @ 1,5Ghz and runs Cyanogen nightlies, much better than the LG crap you get. The only problem is that LG still has to release the Android 2.3/Gingerbread update, not for the OS but only for the kernel because I'm not going to use the LG Android version.

How to Root(Optimus 2x Speed):

This should be enough to get started, check the XDA forums HERE for ROMs and more how-to's

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I'd try it if I had a compatible phone, but good guide nonetheless. Followed.

I know this is not relevant to this post but.. is your MC server still running? ;)

@dkk128 The Minecraft server is mostly running now, it is down for today but it will be up tomorrow. It's fully updated and is Mineshafter compatilble, I will make a post with all the info in it.

On android atm, think it's great.

can you give some detail on the battery?

The battery is still a problem, we'll have to wait for LG to release the new kernel. For best battery performance I suggest Slick2x-F:

I need a new phone.. im gonna look into this! Followed

Was thinking about getting one of these.

Next one I get = This one! :D

Sounds like a pretty beast phone, will consider it next time I go shopping!

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