Sunday, January 23, 2011

Server down!

The server is down, including the minecraft server. Mainly because I had no power supply for the server. The other thing is that I'm reinstalling it, this time with linux because it runs the minecraft server software smoother. It could take a week untill the server is 100% again. I will keep you guys updated on how things are going.

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hope to see it back up soon! following and supporting

LINUX FTW. Thanks for the update, hope everything goes smoothly.

Awh that sucks man, hope it goes back up soon!

damn dude!

i need to get a mouse so i can play on my macbook

following and supporting

I never got into this Minecraft hype, just read about it on wikipedia. Sounds a bit like Lego, if anyone knows what this is (don't know if it's popular outside of Germany)

linux is just the best :> didnt know until now, that minecraft gots so popular...

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