Monday, January 31, 2011

Moar server info

I finally did it! The server is up and running, well mostly. I got XAMPP running and some other stuff, I only need to write a new website, set up file sharing for my home network and maybe a FTP network for file sharing over the internet. But more things have happened, my hard drive with almost all of my pictures, comics, software and many more stuff almost died. It was making weird noises and with a little help from windows I got it back to life again! But now I don't trust my hard drive anymore and want to buy a new one.

That was pretty much it, I'll keep you all updated about the server as much as I can.

FYI: This line if VERY important if your HDD fails: chkdsk /f

12 Posts:

so excited to try this server

Ah! I want to play on your server!

If I wouldn't be so lazy, I'd have set up an own server long ago. Good job for following through with it!

Good luck! Running a server is not an easy thing.

good work man, really want to try this out


good luck with your server mate

FTP is where it's at. Golden work my man.

I've tried this some time ago and I know how hard is this


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