Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boxxy is back!

Boxxy is back! Why? I don't know. Maybe because she want to troll? If so, it will be a good one. Anyways, check the video:

I'm not a hater nor a lover, I just don't like her.

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Things are about to get VERY intense. Who knows what'll happen. Just man your battle stations and fasten your seat belts folks, this could one bumpy ride!

I'll admit I know very little about boxxy, except she has a rather cute face.

Boxxy is so fine. Oh my god.

She looks so different when she's not being Boxxy!

Bah. I doubt it is for anything more then attention. She already knows so many did not like her, and since she isnt a celebrity to most people, she just doesnt get attention anymore. IMO.

Eh.. she was WAYY cuter in her other videos.. and her voice is like, deeper and weird..

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