Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Samurize Project

It has been some day's since I posted here so sorry about that, the reason was because I was busy with stuff. One of those "stuff" things is my Samurize project, I still don't have a name for it and it's still work in progress. But first more about samurize (you can skip this if you already know what samurize is).

Samurize is a customizable program (really customizable) that can place widgets or actually config files on your desktop. The best side of Samurize is that it's light, very customizable and very fast, so if you really want to give your desktop a facelift then go download Samurize. []

Back to the point; I just recently started a project on samurize, I want to make a spacefighter like HUD with system info, time, date and weather (maybe some RSS features too, but i'm not sure). I'll try to keep you up-to-date as possible as I can.

And again, sorry for the late posts.

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