Friday, December 10, 2010

F*cking servers, how do they work?!

Sorry for this awfully late post, but I was busy with my homeserver and tried to create a minecraft server on it. The standard server does not work because the lack of RAM, and a custom like MCLawl didn't work because I have to set up a MySQL database.
I know very little about databases so it didn't work out as wel as I tought, so for now I'll have to play offline or on a server from a friend.

The second thing is that I bought Black Ops and spend all my free time on it, but i'm trying to make some time to build a webside for my server.


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I never understood minecraft. maybe i'll take the time to mess around with it one day.

It should work if you delete system32. Or alternatively, rub a magnet across your HD. Fuckin' magnets, how do THEY work?

Minecraft is a pain in the RAM. And MySQL isn't exactly the easiest thing for a newb to learn on. Following your blogs.
Check me out at:

Dude that sucks, but I'm loving black ops too!

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