Sunday, October 31, 2010

Minecraft Halloween Update

Hooray, the minecraft halloween update is downloadable.
I finally have the halloween update, and it's awesome I also got some screenshots for you guys. Although it's 2:26 AM here, i'm very exited right now. This game truely rocks!
An I already have seen a Ghast die, that stupid ass killed himself in one of the big lava seas in the Nether.
The place is so epic I almost jizzed my pants, but the screaming of the Manpigzombies and the Ghasts made me poop in my pants.

Here are some screenshots I took:

Here you see the work of Biomes.

Gasts seem smal from a distance, they are not!

Gasts, Gasts everywhere!

A portal in the Nether dimension.

Epicness of lava.

More Epicness O.o

Well, that's it i'm going to play minecraft and probably not sleep tonight -.-"

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